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help with buttons

Post by robs97jeep »

Im trying to make a gui that will run in WinPe. The GUI will have four buttons. Two of the buttons will capture two different FFU images. The other two buttons will apply images. I can make the PowerShell script to do it manually but would like to make a GUI so the user just press the button to it. Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: help with buttons

Post by jvierra »

I recommend reading some of the articles in the InfoCenter on this site. They will help you understand how to write PowerShell code and how to design and build forms.
As stated your questions are too vague to answer.

Here is a good place to start in the InfoCenter: ... udio-howto

The following free book will teach you basic PowerShell: ... werShell-4

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Re: help with buttons

Post by Austin19901 »

Thanks for the info was very helpful
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