RowPainting example?

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RowPainting example?

Post by stevens »


I'd need to paint a row when certain value in a cell.
Cellpainting is working fine, but can't find rowpainting example.

This is my cellpainting example:
if ($datagridview1.Columns[$_.ColumnIndex].Name -eq 'Enabled')
if ($_.Value -eq 'yes')
$_.CellStyle.BackColor = 'lightgreen'

Tried with options like $_.PaintCells() but can't make it work.

Please advise.

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Re: RowPainting example?

Post by jvierra »

RowPrePaint occurs once per row. You an only set the cell back color and contents per cell and it must all be done once. The cell paint events will override any changes made in rowprepaint. It is recommended that all cells that need color changes based on another cell be painted in the CellPainting event. For what you are asking this is all you need to do. Using row events will cause you top do all of the creation of each row by hand. It is not used for most normal adjustments to cell contents and format.

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