Execution Policy error

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Execution Policy error

Post by VivekK »

I was just trying to Power Studio and was writing simple get-addomaincontroller BUT when I ran it, it gave me error for execution policies.

I set execution policy as unristricted in form load and on button as well, but failed.

Anyone has any idea on this ?

NOTE: I dont want to set execution policy on system first and then run the program, that will beat the purpose, I would like the execution policies to either remain same or reverted back once the program deployed, written by this app, is used.

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Re: Execution Policy error

Post by jvierra »

You cannot override domain execution policy. You cannot change execution policy in a script.

Run "Get-ExecutionPolicy -List" at a PS prompt to discover the settings.

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: Execution Policy error

Post by Alexander Riedel »

Try packaging the script as an executable.
You don't say which PowerShell version you are using, so ....
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