Richtextbox Control

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Richtextbox Control

Post by ClipperXTP »

I have an issue whereby I have a Powershell Studio tool with limited real estate.

I have 15 richtextboxes, all uniform size to look nice, which display results of queries.

This is fine when the result isnt too long.

It gets a bit ugly when say the result is say 10 - 15 characters too long for richtextbox.

It started by displaying a vertical scroll bar which looked really nasty so I turned off multiline.

I then reduced the font size which is OK but the text is jammed up at the top of the textbox.

I wouldn't mind leaving the font at the oringinal size and let it overrun the textbox if I was able to hover the mouse and have the full text pop up as it does in a datagridview when the text overruns - is this an option for richtextbox control? I can't see it.

Otherwise, how can I center the font vertically?

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Re: Richtextbox Control

Post by jvierra »

The best way to get going with a RichTextBox control is to look at the examples and read teh properties and methods of the control. ... etcore-3.1

Turning of multi-line will make the textbox display all contents on one line.
I suspect you really want to use a TextBox and not a RichTextBox.