PowerShell Studio .psf repository?

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PowerShell Studio .psf repository?

Post by Isaac99 »

Hi Guys

I have come across some useful .psf files posted by admin / moderator reading through this forum and looking for solutions. Each is an opportunity to learn even if it is not specifically what I had been searching for.
Is there a repository anywhere of .psf files to browse? This would be very useful.
I've had a search but I couldn't find one on sapien.com

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Re: PowerShell Studio .psf repository?

Post by jvierra »

There is the PowerShell Gallery and the Technet Gallery


Be careful of what you choose to learn from until you have read the full manual and until you actually understand it.Many Gallery posts are badly executed. It is better to understand how to code first.

Here are some resources:

https://www.sapien.com/books_training/W ... werShell-4
https://poshcode.gitbooks.io/powershell ... and-style/