a magnification slider toolbox item

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a magnification slider toolbox item

Post by jsira2003@yahoo.com »

I don't have the opportunity to check now but figured I'd ask you guys. I am interested in a magnification toolbox control or executable that has a slider. I tried the magify.exe in windows 10 and it has no slider. I'll use it if I have too! Is there any such tool in powershell studio where I can magnify my forms on an overhead projector? I slider is most preferred.


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Re: a magnification slider toolbox item

Post by jvierra »

WinForms does not provide a slider control. You would have to use WPF to use that control.

It is possible to create a WInForm that can be coded to change a forms size but it would take good forms building skills. This can be done by using the HScrollBar control as a slider.

See: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet ... mework-4.8