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Running a batch script on a selected file

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:04 pm
by daniel.mmm
I would like a method of running a batch script by right clicking on a file and either passing that in as an argument (without typing it in), or somehow knowing that file is the one that should be used in the script.

The idea is to right click any file and then select "backup" in a drop down that just copies the file and adds a date time to the end of its name, then possibly moves that copy to another drive.

Mainly for windows XP, I need it to be native as many site computers I work on do not belong to us and I don't want to copy over more files than necessary or rely on anything more than the standard commands available (two thirds of the machines don't have powershell ect)

I know how you can change file options to open a cmd at a specific folder location(below), and I cold probably change this to work for 1 specific file type, but I don't want to add a key for each type of file

@="c:windowssystem32cmd.exe "%1""