All HTAs stop working (repeatable)

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All HTAs stop working (repeatable)

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Hi folks
I have a problem that causes all double-clicks of HTAs to be ignored, until you
terminate MSHTA.EXE from Task Manager. The problem is 100% repeatable on my XP Pro
SP2 laptop. I'd appreciate any input on how to solve this.
Start by creating HANG.HTA and HANG.VBS with the simple code provided for each.
Then proceed as follows.
1. Start the HTA.2. Click the TEST button.3. See the message from the VBS.4. OK the message from the VBS.5. See and OK the message from the HTA.
Those steps work fine. You can do them any number of times with the same (correct)
results. Other HTAs continue to work as expected.
Now try this:
1. Start the HTA.2. Click the TEST button.3. See the message from the VBS.4. Before OK'ing that message, close the HTA.5. Now OK the message from the VBS.6. See and OK the message from the HTA.
On my XP Pro SP2 laptop, *all* HTAs now stop working; in the sense that if you
double click *any* HTA, nothing happens at all. This continues until you kill
MSHTA.EXE manually from Task Manager.
Any ideas how to fix this?
Thanks in anticipation,TC
HANG.HTA :<!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet --><html><HTA:APPLICATION APPLICATION="yes" ID="MYAPP1234" APPLICATIONNAME="My Application" maximizeButton="no" minimizeButton="yes" SHOWINTASKBAR="yes" SINGLEINSTANCE="yes" SYSMENU="yes"><HEAD><script type=text/vbscript>SUB TESTdim sh, rvset sh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")rv = ("HANG.VBS",, true)set sh = nothingMSGBOX "DONE RV=" & rv & ", ERR=" & ERR.NUMBERon error goto 0END SUB</script></HEAD><BODY><input type=button value="TEST" onclick="TEST()"></body></html>