Terminate a program

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Terminate a program

Post by faisal7977 »

i need to terminate a program using a script and i can do it with taskkill command in windows XP.The program i need to close is a video recording software. when i close it manually or through taskkill command, it asks"This will stop all the recordings, Are you sure you want to close the program" | YES | | NO |Now i need to answer this box to Yes. I can forcefully do this using /F parameter
but if i try to forcefully terminate the application either manually or
through a bat file, recording file get corrupted. I must reply this box to YES in order to save the video recording file properly.can i do this using command line scripting or some other scripting language required?faisal79772009-11-24 23:04:50

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Terminate a program

Post by jvierra »

You can't really do this with a command line program, Look into the WSH/VBScript "SendKeys" method.