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Re: Super Input Box

Post by jvierra »

You are trying to reinvent Windows. Try learning how the 32/64 bit systems work. There are many articles on the Inet on this. It has been discussed for more than 10 years. From the GUI it is not visible. We are in the process of eliminating 32 bit processes and VBScript. It is taking longer than it should but is s happening. Along with that COM is being removed. All tings will be Net in future versions of Windows.

You can create a new "Open With pointed at CSCRPT.EXE in the SysWow64 folder. Just right click and choose it once and it will be added to you menu. Yu can set it as the default so it always opens VBS on a double click. This is basic "Windows for Dummies" chapter 5 or 6.

I recommend removing all vulnerabilities to COM and 32 bit systems. One reason you are having issues is because you have built architectural dependencies into you scripts and ideas about how to use Windows. This is something all users are having to wrestle with. It was flagged more than 10 years ago and now the door is closing permanently.