read excel column to txtfile

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read excel column to txtfile

Post by jvierra »

Please stop reposting your script over and over again. It is jsut making it harder and harder to understand what you are asking. I don't think anyone is going to read through all of that.

Start by using only the lines that you are trying to get working. Build up one small bit of code at a time.

You seen to want to keep opening and closing the file for no reason. YOu need to think carefully about what you are trying to do.

WHen you reference a line number yo need to post the line and a few surrounding lines. No one wants to try and count lines and the chances are the code is not the same as you are looking at.

I will say I do not knwo why you are trying once again to open the same text file.
jvierra2012-08-22 11:34:19