How do you create a HTML report from VBScript.

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How do you create a HTML report from VBScript.

Post by phoshing »

I have 100 QTP scripts (coded in VBScript) and now I have to run a regression test on those 100 scripts. After I finish my execution, I want to pump the results of these 100

scripts execution to an HTML file. I am planning to write a "VBScript function" which will create a HTML file and will place the results of this regression execution in that

file. I am not able to figure out how to create a HTML page from VBScript function. I have the code to create a HTML page and generate tables in it & then insert execution data

into those tables. But I an not able to associate this code to my VBScript Function.

For more clarity, please find below the pseudo code:

Call Sample(strScriptName, strScriptStatus)

Function Sample(strScriptName, strScriptStatus)

'This line of code should enable me to write HTML tags
<head> Test </head>
<body> Summary

<tb> "Data will come here" </tb>

End Function

This function will not work, because VBScript does not recognize HTML tags. I am stuck here now. I am unable to find that code which will embed these HTML tags within my

VBScript function.

Please help !!!