Error capturing advice

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Error capturing advice

Post by superfly12 »


I have script that's been used to launch patches but it doesn't seem to capture errors efficiently. We are using shell run method of the shell object(oShell = Wscript.CreateObject(""); oRun = oShell.Run( pathtopatch) ) and it outputs 0 even if there is any fatal error during patch installation, like .net patches. When i try verbose log of such patch, its around 15-20MB. I am not sure whether its good idea to parse such a big text file in vbscript and look for errors as there would be multiple such patches. alternately it creates hotfix.log.html which is around 1-2MB. How can I read errors from a html files? What would be a good way to handle such issues? Or are there any better alternate ways?


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Error capturing advice

Post by rs6000101 »

Take a look at the "vbs capturing application installation error messages" script at the following link this should do what you need best of luck. ... 1509105e80