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HTA Script Help

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 2:56 am
by coma82
Hello,Here is the script which parts were found on web...True I did not understand some parts, but i managed to make it work, well almost everything.This HTA application is designed to restart desirable service on remote serverS. Long story short... Please test it with two IP Address, 1 Available server and 1 unavailable server and vice versa. What I am trying to accomplish here is that if I run script on 20 servers, and 1 of these 20 is unavailable (rpc problem or just off) I would like it to be written in error log part.Enter IP Address(es), Service Name -- Stop Services.I hope I have explained enough what my problem is...Should you need more info please do not hesitate to ask :)uploads/48759/sapien.zipRegards,