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Re: USB Hid

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Jastin wrote:
waskalywabbit wrote:This is a link to Jan Axelson's USB Hid example code; is more or less a hid terminal with which you can communicate with custom hid devices and I presume defined hid's (mouse, keyboard etc). It seems to use Windows classes to communicate.Helm PCB provide a hid template and a dll file here; ... zipHowever, the code seems to require a form to be passed to the hid controller which it in turn sends hid activity notifications to.I can get both of these working and can customise them but in terms of understanding all that is happening and being able to port the functionality into VBScript i'm a way off yet I feel.The Helm PCB approach got me thinking though, do you think it might be easier to use a usb hid dll file and learn to 'talk' to dll files in VBScript?Day
Actually ,it is not so quite easy to understand..
Thank you very much for sharing those USB Hid example code.