AD User Info Dump

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AD User Info Dump

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I started to write
a script to add a new user to AD. I found several examples, but they only
filled a few basic fields. I wanted to do more, but I could not find the names
of the properties of the user object. So then I tried to find something that
would dump all the properties names and values. All I could find is scripts
that would list selected properties from the different tabs of the GUI not all.
So I have 2 questions.

1. Is there some place that documents all the properties of
the user object? I have found bits and pieces but never a complete description.

2. How would I create a script that could dump all the properties
and the value stored there? Something like the example listed below(which does
not work).

Code: Select all

	On Error Resume Next

	Set objUser = GetObject _ 



	WScript.Echo "All Data:"

	For Each strValue in objUser

	    WScript.echo & vbTab & strValue