Run Selection in Powershell studio

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Run Selection in Powershell studio

Post by paulkantor »


I am fairly new to powershell scripting. With that said, I have a script that creates a CNAME record in dns. The script runs fine when clicking the 'Run' button in Powershell Studio 2020. I added this script to a larger config script, and now the script fails. After doing some troubleshooting, I found that this section runs fine in PS 2020 if I highlight the create CNAME code and right click "Run Selection", but fails if I select "Run Selection in Console.
Any Idea what I am doing wrong?

Any guidance would be appreciated!

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Re: Run Selection in Powershell studio

Post by jvierra »

There is absolutely no way to answer your question. I can on,.y recommend running this in debug mode and stepping through your code to see what is happening.

I can also recommend starting with the following free book which will help you understand how PowerShell code works and how to run and debug PowerShell code. ... werShell-4

Good luck and post back when you have more information.