Calling hash Table inside Calculated property issue?

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Calling hash Table inside Calculated property issue?

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Hi Folks,

I need some help to fix the one line which maps the values of a number to a string in this Hashtable.

Code: Select all

$mailboxType = @{
    "0"               = "UserMailbox"
    "1073741824"   = "Shared Mailbox"
    "6"               = "MailUser"
    "7"               = "Room"
    "8"               = "Equipment"
    "-2147483642"  = "RemoteUserMailbox"
    "-1073741818 " = "RemoteUserMailbox-Hybrid Delegate"

Get-MsolUser -All |
Where-Object { ($_.blockcredential -eq $true) -and ($_.isLicensed -eq $true) } |
Select-Object DisplayName,
              @{ n = 'Mailbox Type'; e = { $mailboxType[$_.CloudExchangeRecipientDisplayType].GetEnumerator().Value.ToString() } },
              WhenCreated | Format-Table -AutoSize
The script is working fine it is just the Hashtable calling is not working.

The problem is the column Mailbox Type is always empty. But when I just use the default CloudExchangeRecipientDisplayType, the column value is a meaningless decimal number like in ... directory/

Thank you in advance
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