Win Service permissions

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daniel kusnir
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Win Service permissions

Post by daniel kusnir »


i have a service that checks MS Teams status, and if status changes, it calls a script that changes Skype status.

When i call a script manually, all is good, however via service, it does not run.

i tried to run service under default service account, my account & using credentials ,however script does not run. i also tried to call cmd to call the script :)
but this does not work either.

Do you know how to set service to interact with the local scripts ?

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: Win Service permissions

Post by Alexander Riedel »

"Don't work" is a little too vague. Can it not find the script? Access denied? Is it in a personal user folder? Script runs but does not work?
I am sure you get some kind of error message or return value.
Alexander Riedel
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