Import Modules from Server

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Re: Import Modules from Server

Post by bhnuser »

This script / tool should be used from our service employee. There are 15 people which should use this. For this reason, I ask for a solution.
I have read that the WinRM session number can be increased but then is global. A possibility for only a specific user to expand (service user behind the tool) the session number does not exist, right?

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Re: Import Modules from Server

Post by jvierra »

The number of sessions is set globally. You can create a constrained endpoint for a specific user but that will still ad sessions. You can change the number with Group Policy.

It is really not possible to give you a comprehensive answer without knowing what you are trying to do or why you need a user to have so many sessions. It sounds like you really need to use a remote persistent session whci9h can be connected and disconnected as needed.