Entering text in a textbox

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Entering text in a textbox

Post by JackOV »

Hi, I am new to Powershell and wonder if it can do this: Enter text in a textbox of an opened application. (I installed ps v5.1 and 6.1).
The following example gives no error but does not work either, why not?

$a = "100"
$b = get-process -name Program5 | get-member -name txtAmount
set-content -value $b $a

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Re: Entering text in a textbox

Post by jvierra »

You cannot access parts of a form running in another process. This is not p[possible with Windows. Forms controls are not members of a process object. No program internals or data is ever exposed by a process. This is just basic Windows behavior and has nothing to do with scripting. It is part of the built in security of Windows and almost any other OS on the planet.