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Powershell and Regex

Post by cstewart28 »

I have a document that has a structured layout, such as:

Layout ID: LC-004
Name: Items 1
Description: Description of stuff
Type: Server
Equipment ID: 3sdrsqq
PPEquipment ID: PP-003
IP Address:

This is on a couple pages, I need to put all the values into an array

Here is here I'm starting from:

$file = get-content "C:\tools\Configuration.htm"

$regex = "^Layout ID:\s*(.+)"

$ID = ([regex]::Matches($file,$regex) | %{$_.value})

The result I get for $ID is Layout ID: LC-004 when all I want is LC-004


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Re: Powershell and Regex

Post by jvierra »

PS > 'Layout ID: LC-004' -match 'ID:\s+(.*)'
PS > $matches[1]