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PrimalXML error on applying XSLT style sheet

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:59 am
by wartech
PrimalXML 2015 version (x64) on
Win7 Pro SP1 (x64)

I recently taught myself some XSLT to produce air freight crate packing lists from XML files.

The original XSL file worked fine when applying it in PrimalXML, and it worked well when applying the transform in Internet Explorer.
Later, it became necessary to use Firefox to view the data; I had to change one of the namespace references to make it work.

Now, when I try to apply the new style sheet in PrimalXML I get the following error message:
Error snapshot
Error snapshot
PXMLError.png (20.01 KiB) Viewed 7273 times
Unfortunately this form won't permit me to include the namespace URLs in a code listing, so I've attached the original (PackNoteMS.xsl) and new (PackNote.xsl) style sheets.

I can live with having to view the results in Firefox, but it would be handy to be able to use PrimalXML (I was so impressed with it that I badgered my boss into buying me a license).
Can you tell me if this is a fault in my coding or an incompatibilty in PrimalXML?


PrimalXML error on applying XSLT style sheet

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:59 am
by SAPIEN Support Forums
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Re: PrimalXML error on applying XSLT style sheet

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:18 am
by davidc
Can you post a sample XML file that triggers this error? I tested this on arbitrary XML files and did not get an error.


Re: PrimalXML error on applying XSLT style sheet

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 6:50 am
by wartech
Sorry, I should have thought of that:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='packnote.xsl'?>
<Note created="2015-08-13T15:15:33" customer="ED001">
	<Item box="10012" so="803724" part="12007" qty="19"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="801390" part="29623.I32" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="802847" part="50700.LOG" qty="2"/>
	<Item box="10014" so="803014" part="12007.01" qty="19"/>
	<Item box="10015" so="803014" part="12007.01" qty="19"/>
	<Item box="10016" so="803141" part="12009.01" qty="19"/>
	<Item box="10017" so="803141" part="12009.01" qty="19"/>
	<Item box="10018" so="803141" part="12009.01" qty="19"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803141" part="15015" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803141" part="16546" qty="9"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803141" part="27206" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803141" part="43228" qty="7"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803141" part="43504" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803141" part="50704.LOG" qty="5"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803141" part="50799.LOG" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803141" part="60217.300" qty="11"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803141" part="77130" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803269" part="11087.MTZ" qty="50"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803269" part="13021" qty="20"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803269" part="13475" qty="2"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803269" part="18022" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803269" part="18026" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803341" part="12006" qty="2"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="12273" qty="5"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="12359" qty="12"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="12532" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="13020" qty="30"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="13417" qty="5"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803341" part="13517" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803341" part="15082" qty="2"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803341" part="16013" qty="6"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="16218" qty="30"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803341" part="16456" qty="8"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="16466" qty="12"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="25350S.10" qty="50"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="27024.PK" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803341" part="28112.PK" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803341" part="39708" qty="4"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803464" part="12385" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803591" part="10180" qty="50"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803591" part="11164" qty="6"/>
	<Item box="10013" so="803591" part="12007" qty="19"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803591" part="13019.REG" qty="50"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803591" part="13285" qty="3"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803591" part="16101" qty="2"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803591" part="16154" qty="3"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803591" part="16188" qty="2"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803591" part="16221" qty="5"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803591" part="16554" qty="2"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803591" part="180201" qty="3"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803591" part="18292" qty="2"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803591" part="25965" qty="50"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803591" part="26482" qty="20"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803724" part="12189" qty="4"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803724" part="12307" qty="18"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803724" part="12385" qty="15"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803724" part="16014" qty="6"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803724" part="16425" qty="10"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803724" part="16549" qty="15"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803724" part="180214" qty="1"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803724" part="27201" qty="50"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803724" part="27474" qty="150"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803724" part="27475" qty="10"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803724" part="29827" qty="22"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803724" part="43252" qty="2"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803724" part="77438" qty="5"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803862" part="13648" qty="3"/>
	<Item box="10019" so="803899" part="12176" qty="100"/>
	<Item box="10020" so="803943" part="15064" qty="5"/>

Re: PrimalXML error on applying XSLT style sheet

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:28 am
by davidc
FireFox has necessary module with the functions included. In the case of PrimalXML you will need to import the functions.


You will need a copy of the xsl module stylesheet and import it in the PackNote.xsl:
<xsl:import href="exsl.xsl" />


Re: PrimalXML error on applying XSLT style sheet

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:33 am
by wartech
Many thanks.
I think I've got a lot more learning to do :)