couple of question re PrimalForms2011

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couple of question re PrimalForms2011

Post by R1Johnny » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:07 pm

Hey fellas.It's been a while. Hope you are all well.Couple of quick questions for you please....Within a multi line textbox... if you put default text in here how do you remove it from the display as soon as the user clicks on the box?I have a suggested input but want it to disappear as soon as the user clicks on the textbox to enter input.Second question..... Any chance to config the font to react JUST to the form name?Right now, if I modify the font it changes the font for the entire form. I'd like to specify the font mod to associate with JUST the form name?Thanks very much.Regards,John

R1Johnny2012-08-23 20:08:39

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couple of question re PrimalForms2011

Post by davidc » Fri Aug 24, 2012 4:03 am

For the textbox you will want to use the TextBox's Enter event:$textbox1_Enter={ if($textbox1.Text -eq "(Default)") { $textbox1.Text = ""; }}When you set the Form's font it automatically adjusts the child controls. You can do a select all and alter the font of the child controls afterwards. Note: the window's text usually isn't affected by the font, since the rendering is determined by the system.For future reference, it is recommended to post scripting questions in the forums. These are forums are reserved for product specific technical support. David
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