Storing Data in a Collection

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Storing Data in a Collection

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I have create a varible in my form load that is meant to hold the working data while the script runs but it seems to not get updated correctly what am i doing wrong? It is suppose to be update when the submit button is clicked but It seems to not be holding the data properly.

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	$DataStore = @() 

Function SubmitData {
	$Temp ="" | Select-Object Server_Name, Asset_Tag, Serial_Number, Issue
	$Temp.Server_Name = $ServerName.Text
	$Temp.Asset_Tag = $AssetTag.Text
	$Temp.Serial_Number = $SerialNumber.Text
	$Temp.Issue = $Issue.Text

	$DataStore = $DataStore + $Temp

	$Display.Text = $DataStore | ft -auto |Out-String

	return $DataStore

} ...

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Storing Data in a Collection

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I recommend posting this question on one of the ScriptingAnswers forums. They are better suited to answer these types of questions.

This forum is geared to answering technical questions about the product.

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