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Adding additional Assemblies to the Editor and Gui-Designer

Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:35 am
i am using Powershellstudio 2014 4.1.74 x64 and i try to add the assemblies from version 1.7 to powershell studio.

In the Editor Object-browser the additional Assemblies don't show and also not the additionals control from "DotSpatial.Controls.dll" show up in the Control Toolbox.

Using this Assemblies manualy in the Editor with e.g.:
PowerShell Code
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Add-Type Add-Type -LiteralPath "....DotSpatial.Controls.dll"
New-Object -type "DotStatial.Controls.Map"
Works fine, the map shows up but i have no code-completion.

Greetings from Germany