PowerShell Studio Forms are not compiling when using PS 7

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PowerShell Studio Forms are not compiling when using PS 7

Post by pgessford »

PSStudio 5.8.196
Operating system: Win10
PowerShell version(s): 7.2.0

Currently working on a GUI application in PowerShell Studio. When working with PS7, my forms don't seem to compile or run. To test this, I have created a bare form with a text control (from the PSStudio templates) with no other controls, nor any of my own PS code. On the Home Tab > Platform Section, when I have v5 64bit selected, I can compile and run a GUI application. Clicking the RUN button causes a GUI application to appear.

>> Running (test.psf) Script...
>> Platform: V5 64Bit (STA) (Forced)

*** PowerShell Script finished. ***
>> Execution time: 00:00:03
>> Script Ended

However, if I have v7-64 bit selected, when I click the Run button, the output window simply shows:

>> Running (test.psf) Script...
>> Platform: V7 64Bit (STA) (Forced)
>> Script Ended

and no form is generated.

Unfortunately, I am using some cmdlets that require version 7

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Re: PowerShell Studio Forms are not compiling when using PS 7

Post by brittneyr »

As of the latest build of PowerShell Studio (5.8.196), the latest PowerShell 7 versions supported are 7.1.5 and 7.0.8.

You should still be able to run via a PowerShell 7 console (Ctrl + f8) until official support is added.
Brittney Ryn
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.