complete simple working example timers

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complete simple working example timers

Post by Jambon »

To help you better we need some information from you.

Product, version and build:
PowerShell Studio 2020 version 5.7.177
Operating system:
Windows 10
PowerShell version(s):
PowerShell 5.1

*** Please add details and screenshots as needed below. ***

I have a powershell script that starts a job using Start-Job in the script form load event.
The code displays the form and then waits for the user to click on a button that will receive the job results using Receive-Job.
At the time of button click the code waits using Wait-Job until the job is finished. Sometimes the job is done and there is no wait (yay!).
At other times there is a wait. In this case I would like to display a busy indicator in the form by changing the button image to use an image list. I have read the interesting article on creating responsive forms in which a job and timer is started inside the click event handler. Is there a complete simple working example of this code that I could download?

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Re: complete simple working example timers

Post by brittneyr »

If the article you are referring to is PowerShell Studio: Creating Responsive Forms, there should be a link at the bottom of the article that should take you to our Downloads and allow you to download the sample from there.

If that link does not work, then the sample can be found here: ...
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