All buid are detect as Trojan by kaspersky

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Haute Ecole Arc
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All buid are detect as Trojan by kaspersky

Post by Haute Ecole Arc »

When I create a build, Kaspersky antivirus detect my exe as Trojan HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.MSIL.Paph.gen
I have create a new empty project and the problem is still here.
Someone have a solution ?

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: All buid are detect as Trojan by kaspersky

Post by Alexander Riedel »

Probably a false positive, but we cannot know or check what is on your machine.
Anti-Virus vendors compare byte sequences from infected files to files on your computer. Sometimes these sequences occur in other files without them actually being infected.
This is generally because they use sequences as short as possible to make the scan go faster (less bytes to compare). That can lead to them being too short.

Regardless, the proper thing to do is to submit a file flagged as infected to your anti-virus vendor. They can then determine if it is truly infected or if it is a false positive.
All anti-virus vendors have a mechanism for doing that.
We cannot submit any files, because they would not come from YOUR machine where it detects the problem, so that would be meaningless.

You can also upload your file to (I just tested a newly created executable)
Kapersky and ZoneAlarm detect a trojan, Avast and AVG detect another malware. If different things are detected, it is usually a sign for a false positive.
The vast majority of scanners, 71 of them, find nothing wrong.

Again, that was a file from my computer, which means nothing for you. You must do that yourself and you really should submit a file to Kapersky directly.
Alexander Riedel
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