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Upgrade procedure

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:11 pm
by owinsloe
Product: PowerShell Studio 2019 (64 Bit)
Build: v5.6.170
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise (64 Bit)
Build: v10.0.18363.0

Hi, I have had issues with the upgrade process on a number of times in the past and I think the process itself leads to some confusion. In essence, when you click or accept to perform the upgrade then you perceive that the installer will seamlessly take care of the process.

It kinda doers but there seem to be a few do's and do not's that are not immediately clear.

For example, when I fire up PSS, I'll have my editor active, click on the yellow notification that's telling me there are updates and then accept to install. If I leave PSS active then at some point I am advised that there are active PSS components that need to be terminated to complete the install. I think that this is one area where things can go wrong

In this current install, once I agreed to proceed, I immediately closed down my PSS editor so I only had the progress panes active (per the image). This proceeded to an issue free install.

However, In Image 2, with the 'installing updates', it's not clear on whether it is safe to close that pane (ie. The close button is present). I think that in the past I have closed this anticipating PSS is waiting for me to fire up PSS again to complete the install and again this caused the process to become confused and I'm left in a state where I loop in an install error state and have to complete the process manually from the Sapien download site.

This time, I did not click on close and the 3rd pane appeared and everything was fine.

Also, I never saw the 'overall' progress bar move which also made me think that perhaps I needed to close things down and restart PSS.

What would be nice to see is one place where I can click 'install updates' and if the install needs to shut down things (PSS Editor) then it does. Might be an idea to provide some text on the pane to advise whether you should or shouldn't do things to avoid problems.

Hope that spiel makes sense.

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Re: Upgrade procedure

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 11:09 pm
by Alexander Riedel
Thank you for your input. Typically any application must be closed while updating, as the underlying executable cannot be replaced while the associated process is running. That is the case for any platform I have ever encountered and makes perfect sense once you think about it. You cannot really change your engine's oil while its running either.

As for closing the update tool, any application's updater really, while it is doing its thing and has not yet indicated that it is finished, I don't know why you'd do that. But we will take your input and make sure it will refuse to bow to any close commands while still actively updating or waiting for an installer to finish.

Re: Upgrade procedure

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 12:18 pm
by owinsloe
Yep hear what you are saying and understand, but could I suggest that you consider something like this;

Let's say that as a baseline we use the same example that I just went through where PSS is active and the user clicked on the yellow 'updates available' notification.

1. The first thing the installer does is check that no other components are running that may interfere with the install process and present the user an option to 'shutdown PSS clients & continue' or 'cancel'

2. If the shutdown option is selected then one and only one pane is presented with one progress bar that will cater for the download & install process. ie. this is the guy doing all the work. You should have an option to cancel this process also and if selected and pre-install state should be cleared, allowing the user to perform this from the very start at a later time.

3. If this install successfully completes then have the installer restart PSS and close the installer pane.

I know this would involve considerable re-work of your installer and I'm also assuming you are using components of this installer process for your other products but I bet your clients would like this simplistic and snappy clean process :)...I would.


Re: Upgrade procedure

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:17 pm
by Alexander Riedel
Thanks for your input. I will make sure it gets to the right place.