Display output in a text box and other request I sent

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Display output in a text box and other request I sent

Post by NasaControl »

I have been looking over the links you sent me, but ask I stated I am not a PowerShell Guru, I am using all the template, that in the PowerShell Studio 2018,
I have started looking and working with the " display output in a text box " link you sent me, and I am so confused, it said, use a " text Box" to have create the blank Form, and followed along as the tutorial, trying to re-created the same as it is on your site, but I was not successful, I don't think this link matches up, to the new P.S. 2018.. the text box does not work as it says in the linked tutorial,
as I stated before, needed something that would help me take some of the many PowerShell scripts that are Dev teams has created for us, and I wanted to make some Menus / push buttons menus / and I needed and was looking for something that had some templates that I had to do little to no scripting, because .. that is not me, I am not a powershell guru, and this is when I ran across PowerShell Studio, and it seem to have all I needed to do what I needed..
and I know you mention you would help, but where you sent me.. what you sent me were things as if I am a PowerShell guru, and that's not me, I just wanted to help my team mates out so we didn't have to bother the the Dev team.. and we could cut down on running Each and ever one of the PS1's files .. but create a menu with buttons on it .. that will run them .. as it was shown in the PowerShe Studio 2018 Videos.. this is why I purchase a full copy.. and was hoping to get a little more Step-by-Step help from your team.. with all that I sent you, all I got were links to things I don't understand how to make it work.. can I get a little more help with my request I sent you. please..

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Re: Display output in a text box and other request I sent

Post by Alexander Riedel »

I completely understand that learning something new can be frustrating. Your last post and this one is very general and not specific, so it is very hard to help you with that. We cannot write code for you or understand concepts for you.
Regarding "I had to do little to no scripting" and "not a powershell guru", please understand that your are dealing with a scripting language here, so you will have to write *some* scripts. You don't have to be or even become a guru, but you will have to learn some PowerShell if you want to use this successfully.

If you don't understand how a specific item works, post a question about that specific item. The mores specific you are, the easier it is to answer.

"the text box does not work as it says in the linked tutorial": Its a text box. Windows has not changed really, so if you say it does not work in that tutorial, what specifically? Post your code if needed.

Please post in the correct forum. If your question is about something product specific, like a bug or a missing function, post here.
If you have trouble with a PowerShell GUI item, post in the "PowerShell GUI" section.
If you have a general PowerShell question, post in the PowerShell section.
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Re: Display output in a text box and other request I sent

Post by davidc »

The template dialogs have changes since those articles were created but they still apply. Even if you use a form template, you will still need to script your business logic and UI interactions.
As Alex suggested, please post questions to specific issues you are having on the PowerShell GUIs forum and include your sample code.

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