Debug on virtual best practice

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Debug on virtual best practice

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Product, version and build:PowerShell Studio 2018; version 5.5153
32 or 64 bit version of product:64-bit
Operating system:Windows 10/Server 2016 Standard
32 or 64 bit OS: 64-bit

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I searched and did not find an answer.

I've developed a PowerShell v5 - 64 bit project (master script calling functions from an associated module). I have reached the point where I need to test/debug this project on a Windows Server 2016 Standard edition virtual (hosted on a VMWare cluster separate, but sharing a Active Directory domain root).

My question regards best practice for the license context in this scenario. To reiterate, I need to debug on a virtual. I assume I can deactive one of my licenses on a workstation (i.e., my home system) and then install and active PowerShell Studio on the work virtual while it is needed and then reverse this process. However I've read there are options for licensing on a virtual and wanted to be sure I'm not doing things the hard way with the license deactivate/activate/deactivate/activate cycle.

When I searched for details on the virtual license option I did not find anything definitive that told me it would be a solution for my scenario.

I also investigated use of a remote debugging session but was not able to get that working. Let me know if I should pursue this further for the scenario in question.

Much thanks for illuminating me on this. Let me know if I need to clarify any points in my scenario.

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Re: Debug on virtual best practice

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Single user licenses can only activate the software on two machines. Deactivating and reactivating on the software the server will work.
Note: You can deactivate your home machine from your registered products page:

To deactivate a machine, press the "Activation Details" button and then click on the "reset" link next to the machine you wish to deactivate.

In regards to remote debugging, you can use one of two methods:

1. Our RSEE service. The installers are located in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\SAPIEN Technologies, Inc\PowerShell Studio 2018\Redistributables

To learn how to use the service, refer to "The Remote Script Execution Engine" chapter of the product manual in Document Explorer.

2. Or use PowerShell's internal remote debugger from the console.

Note: If your project as any GUI element, remote debugging will not work, since the GUI will appear on the remote machine instead of the local machine.
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