Powershell Studio - Intellisense

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Powershell Studio - Intellisense

Post by Andras »

To help you better we need some information from you.

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Product, version and build:5.5.152
32 or 64 bit version of product:64
Operating system: Windows 7 Enterprise
32 or 64 bit OS: 64

*** Please add details and screenshots as needed below. ***

Looking for some guidance in regards to this issue. In the PS Studio Console, when typing a cmdlet name such as new-cim <tab> tab completion is not completing the cmdlet to cycle through the Get-CimSession, Get-CimInstance etc. On the same PC using Visual Studio Code I do exactly the same thing and I get:

CommandType Name Version Source
----------- ---- ------- ------
Cmdlet Get-CimAssociatedInstance CimCmdlets
Cmdlet Get-CimClass CimCmdlets
Cmdlet Get-CimInstance CimCmdlets
Cmdlet Get-CimSession CimCmdlets
Cmdlet Invoke-CimMethod CimCmdlets
Cmdlet New-CimInstance CimCmdlets
Cmdlet New-CimSession CimCmdlets
Cmdlet New-CimSessionOption CimCmdlets
Cmdlet Register-CimIndicationEvent CimCmdlets
Cmdlet Remove-CimInstance CimCmdlets
Cmdlet Remove-CimSession CimCmdlets
Cmdlet Set-CimInstance CimCmdlets
Application Register-CimProvider.exe 10.0.14... C:\Windows\system32\Register-CimProvider.exe

Any suggestions on what might be wrong with my setup in the Powershell Studio Console where it can't see the regular CIM Cmdlets - I'm sure it is staring me in the face?


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Re: Powershell Studio - Intellisense

Post by mxtrinidad »

Hum! I see no behavior using Windows 10 client. Which version of PowerShell Windows you're using?
Please type $PSVersionTable and paste the result.

It could be the version of PowerShell on your Windows 7.


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Re: Powershell Studio - Intellisense

Post by davidc »

The embedded console is the original PowerShell.exe.
Just in case, verify that you have the correct platform (64 vs 32) selected from the combo box:
Console Selection.png
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Re: Powershell Studio - Intellisense

Post by Andras »

appologies - missed that

Name Value
---- -----
PSVersion 5.1.14409.1012
PSEdition Desktop
PSCompatibleVersions {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0...}
BuildVersion 10.0.14409.1012
CLRVersion 4.0.30319.42000
WSManStackVersion 3.0
PSRemotingProtocolVersion 2.3