Where are the entries from the 'old' Registered Fm

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Where are the entries from the 'old' Registered Fm

Post by FrankAndrew »

Where are all of the 'old' Registered User Forum?

I opened and replied to a Topic in the 'old' forum and now it's just GONE?

It was about the Debugger and Microsoft XMLDOM while running under Win2000.

This is NOT a resolved issue from my point of view.

I DID NOT get an answer about wheither you have a Windows 2000 Debuging environment at your location, and if NOT why?

Frank A.(Drew) Easton

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Alexander Riedel
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Where are the entries from the 'old' Registered Fm

Post by Alexander Riedel »

If you read the "Before you post" item you will find answers to your questions about the old forum.

Windows 2000 is no longer a maintained environment even by Mircosoft, so you probably understand that we don't have a W2K test environment readily available.

We will look into this as soon as we possible can however. In the meantime I suggest you consider researching if there are any differences in the installed XML DOM versions on your W2k machine vs Windows XP or if the VBScript language dll is of a different version in either enviroment.

Since the problem clearly does not exist under Windows XP it is safe to conclude that the problem lies in the underlying environment and not in PrimalScript, which is the same whether running on XP or W2k.


Alexander Riedel
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.
alexr@sapien.com2006-10-27 02:53:20
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Where are the entries from the 'old' Registered Fm

Post by DrewEaston »

Hi Alex,

After I had posted this message I was then presented with a slightly different view where I then saw the info about the 'old' forums.
I took a look on my system at work (Win2000), there are several msxml*.dll in the WinNTsystem32 directory. How do I get Windows to tell me which one is being used when I use the CreateObject() in VBScript?