Scrollbar stops working after 'Outline/Hide All' is selected.

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Scrollbar stops working after 'Outline/Hide All' is selected.

Post by mjgelinas »

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PrimalScript 2019 7.4.125 x64

The problems listed below happen with one or many files open, with either maximized or partial window size in relation to the full desktop, and in any PrimalScript window style.

:Problem 1
In the IDE, the vertical scrollbar becomes greyed out after right-clicking on the IDE screen and selecting 'Outline' > 'Hide All'. I can no longer use the scroll box to scroll up and down, the horizontal scrollbar is unaffected.

:Problem 2
Even if I do not select 'Outline' > 'Hide All': the scroll box in the scrollbar doesn't accurately represent the size of the viewable area of code if I expand even a single block of code that's larger than the viewable area. The scroll box will only allowing scrolling a portion of the viewable code area.

: Problem 3
In the middle of a coding session I will randomly expand and hide outlines, for no reason PrimalScript will become confused where a code block should end and leave a portion of a code block outline un-collapsed.

Please contact me ASAP as this is having significant impact on project delivery!

Michael J. Gelinas

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Alexander Riedel
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Re: Scrollbar stops working after 'Outline/Hide All' is selected.

Post by Alexander Riedel »

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with this.
Most commonly if the folding code gets confused, it is because the parser does not understand a PowerShell construct in a file.
The quickest way to address is this is you could send us the file in question.
You can attach it here, send it (zipped) to or upload it here:
Alexander Riedel
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.