PowerShell Studio 2012 (3.1.28) does not show V3 cmdlets or

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PowerShell Studio 2012 (3.1.28) does not show V3 cmdlets or

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After installing PowerShell 3.0 and rebooting my pc, Powershell Studio 2012 still not shows support for v3. Neither the icon or platform shows V3. However the OS powerISE and CMD shows coreect version installed.
When I run "Get-Host | Select-Object Version"
This is Studio 2012:
>> Platform: V2 64Bit (STA)


>> Execution time: < 1 second
>> Script Ended

This is OS powerShell:

Get-Host | Select-Object Version

Windows PowerShell
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PS C:\Users\abc> Get-Host | Select-Object Version


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Re: PowerShell Studio 2012 (3.1.28) does not show V3 cmdlets

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Wrong forum. Please re-post in the correct forum
If you have a license: http://www.sapien.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=12
which is the PowerShell Studio support forum.

If not: http://www.sapien.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=8
which is the Trial Software support forum.

Make sure to include your OS version.
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