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WMI Live

Similar to the enhanced SQL support, PrimalScript 2009 provides enhanced WMI and WQL support. WMI is an important tool in the administrators arsenal. It allows you to accomplish many tasks, local and remote with very little effort. However, the sheer…
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SQL Live

PrimalScript 2009 sports a modified version of the Query results window you know from the 2007 version. Instead of just being able to run SQL queries from a SQL file you can just type queries in the provided combo-box: The…
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PrimalScript 2009: Bracket Matching

PrimalScript 2009 includes some pretty nifty new bracket matching code to make your scripting life easier. Automatic bracket matching works for {}, [], (), and <>. Simply click the mouse just before an opening bracket or just after a closing…
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A helping of objects

Let’s face it, virtually nobody can memorize the entire .NET framework, all PowerShell Cmdlets, every COM object and every WMI class. We all need to look things up. Usually you use the MSDN library online or locally or, if you…
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PrimalScript 2009: File Differencing

PrimalScript 2009 includes a new integrated file difference tool that provides more information and syntax colored displays and allows for faster review of individual modifications. Let’s take a look at how this operates. To compare file differences, first open the…
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PrimalScript 2009 and SQL

PrimalScript 2009 has expanded its support for SQL in several major ways. Primary among these are the addition of SQL PrimalSense and the ability to edit and save stored procedures directly within a database. Let’s take a quick look at…
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Objects at Rest

Snippets in PrimalScript have always been easy to use. For instance, typing the name of a snippet and immediately pressing Ctrl-J, inserts the named snippet at the caret location. You can also drag a snippet from the snippet browser and…
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