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SAPIEN Technologies – Europe and Asia Tour 2018

This October I will be traveling to Europe and Asia. During this trip I will be speaking about PowerShell, demonstrating SAPIEN Technologies products, and most importantly I will show how PowerShell Studio can make you a better scripter.   Itinerary October…
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SAPIEN Tools – Working with PowerShell Core

As PowerShell Core continues to evolve, SAPIEN Technologies continues to hone our two main editors—PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio—enhancing them to accommodate PowerShell Core. PrimalScript Version 7.4.115 PrimalScript—our industry-leading Universal Script Environment (USE)—can handle multi-language coding, including Windows PowerShell. We have…
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PAUSE and CONTINUE added to PowerShell Service Packager Engine

We recently added support for a more refined handling of events in PowerShell based Windows services—allowing for the handling of Start, Stop, and Run events separately.  Please see this article for details. The latest service builds of PrimalScript 2018…
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