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Make a Choice

During my sessions at Techmentor Orlando 2007 on automating with batch files, a few of my samples used the CHOICE command. I never had time to fully explain it, hence the purpose of this entry. CHOICE, when used in a…
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Group Membership with DSQuery/DSGet

Recently I was helping out in a scripting forum. The topic was getting a report of all groups and their members. I have several VBScripts to do this, but an even easier and faster way is to use the DSQuery…
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Start Simple

Here’s another quick suggestion, especially for VBScript, that will make script development and debugging a little easier and a lot less stressful. It may seem like common sense, but sometimes we all just need a reminder: Start Simple. The first…
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More CLI and PowerShell

You don’t have to choose between the traditional command line interface (CLI) and PowerShell.  You can easily run a PowerShell command or even a PowerShell script directly from a command prompt. This means you can integrate some PowerShell functionality into…
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Tip: CLI to PowerShell

If you have PowerShell installed (and if you don’t what are you waiting for?) you may be used to starting PowerShell from the Start Menu shortcut. But that’s not the only way.  If you’re like me and always have a…
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Command Line One-Liners

I recently did a TipSheet columnlisting some of my favorite quick, one line commands. Reader Wayne waskind enough to share with me his list of oft-used one-liners which hegraciously offered to share. I have not tested many of thesepersonally, but…
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