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Windows Version 2004

It has been brought to our attention that with the latest version of Windows (build 19041.264), some of you have been experiencing strange behavior with some of our products. For example, a layout may appear duplicated on top of itself.…
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Write a Windows Service in PowerShell

Previously I showed you the new Windows Application engine ( and the Windows System Tray engine Today I will show you the last of the three new engines, the Windows Service engine. Writing a Windows Service can be a…
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Introducing the MSI Wizard

Both PrimalScript 2014 and PowerShell Studio 2014 will have to ability to create Windows Installer files (MSI) for your scripts, modules or packaged executables. It works pretty straightforward; put the files you want to install into a folder, enter some…
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Where do I begin?

“I’m new to scripting and need a book recommendation.” “Should I learn VBScript or PowerShell?” “What are some good books or resources for learning scripting?” These are natural and common questions. A few years ago the answers would have been…
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PowerShell Production Poll

If you’ve been to the SAPIEN blog in the last few days, hopefully you’ve noticed the simple poll: “Are you using PowerShell in a production environment?”  Right now 75% of respondents are using PowerShell today to manage their network. I’m…
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