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Now Available: Windows Server 2008: What’s New | What’s Changed

Thursday, March 27th, 2008 by Don Jones
Greg Shields' new book, Windows Server 2008: What's New | What's Changed is now available in print, ebook, and a bundle of both formats. The book includes nine bonus chapters excerpted from Windows PowerShell: TFM, as well. This book is designed to take your existing Windows Server 2008 skills and quickly "upgrade" them to Windows Server 2008 by focusing entirely on what's new and what's changed. Unlike 1,200-page books which contain a lot of the same information as their last edition, this slim, quick-reading volume gets you up to speed rapidly by just covering the differences! More information, sample chapters,…   More »

Can I run PowerShell scripts on Windows Server 2008 Server Core?

Thursday, February 14th, 2008 by Don Jones
 Ah, this is what everyone really wishes for, isn't it? Which, as you might have guessed from that intro, the answer is "no." See, PowerShell requires bits of the .NET Framework in order to run. Not the whole thing, you understand, just pieces - a fairly small subset, in fact. Unfortunately, you don't get the Framework in pieces, you get the whole wodge in one big piece. That whole wodge was more moving parts than the Server Core folks wanted to have to deal with, since the entire Framework has its own dependencies on underlying bits of Windows - bits…   More »

Windows Server 2008 +1 Event

Monday, February 4th, 2008 by Jeffery Hicks
I've been invited to speak at a Windows 2008 related launch event in Syracuse, NY on February 28. I'll be speaking about PowerShell in as much time as they want to give me. The event is sponsored by Visory Group, a Microsoft Gold Partner. Microsoft will also be there in person and virtually to talk about new Windows 2008 features such as: Virtualization Power Shell Terminal Server Enhancements Network Access Protection Encryption Improved Clustering Advanced Management Tools You can learn more about the event and register by visiting here. Technorati Tags: PowerShell, Windows, Server2008, Longhorn…   More »

Win2008 Book Reviewers Needed – Earn a Free Copy!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 by SAPIEN Technologies
I have an immediate need for about a dozen reviewers who can offer feedback/suggestions/comments/corrections on “Windows Server 2008: What’s New / What’s Changed” by Greg Shields. We’ll offer a free copy of the book or ebook (excluding shipping) to folks who review at least 8 chapters in a timely fashion; we’re looking for a thorough tech-check and fact-check as well as general comments, suggestions, and feedback. You’ll also be acknowledged in the book itself. If you’re interested, immediately e-mail errata (at) sapien (dot) com with your full name and contact details. We’ll have six chapters available by next week, and…   More »