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PowerShell Scoping – Revisited

Yes, we said we would not speak of it again, but a user post provided a good example of the change in scoping rules between PowerShell V2 and V3. This particular user had a question about GUI controls on our…
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Another PowerShell V3 breakpoint bug [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] Some users report that they cannot reproduce this behavior on Windows 8. Our Windows 8 machines show the same behavior. We will investigate further what the differences are. [END UPDATE] As we previously reported here (PowerShell V3 breakpoint bug)…
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Out-GridView fails in PowerShell V2 after V3 update

Seems there was a recent update to PowerShell V3 that has affected PowerShell V2. Now the Out-Gridview  cmdlet produces an error and no longer functions in PowerShell V2. This issue affects all products using PowerShell including packaged scripts running in…
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PowerShell V3 breakpoint bug

While we are adapting and verifying all our bits and pieces for PowerShell V3 and Windows 8, we sometimes stumble across little changes from PowerShell V2 behavior. Most of the time this is pretty simple and we can adapt our…
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