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2012 License Holders, This One’s For You!

Thursday, December 11th, 2014 by Lanae Dale
Are you in possession of a 2012 product license key?  There are now just shy of three weeks left to upgrade to our new Subscription Model and take advantage of the discounted upgrade pricing.  Once our 2015 versions are released, upgrade pricing will no longer apply and you will be subject to full MSRP pricing on our new versions. But wait!  Upgrade now and receive an additional 10% off the already discounted upgrade pricing.  Each license upgrade comes with a year of free maintenance, in terms of all major builds and product releases.  Yes, you read that right; when…   More »

SAPIEN Newsletter

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 by Robert Morey
In order to help de-clutter your inbox, SAPIEN will be changing the frequency of its newsletter to a quarterly delivery. To keep you informed of our monthly specials, news, and announcements, we will be publishing that content on our blog. December 2010 brings us closer to the release of PrimalScript 2011. If you purchase PrimalScript 2009, or upgrade your older version to PrimalScript 2009 BEFORE the release of PrimalScript 2011, you will be eligible for a FREE upgrade to PrimalScript 2011 as part of your purchase price.…   More »

Upgrade policies

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 by Alex Riedel
Now that PrimalScript 2009 has been announced we get plenty of emails asking what the upgrade policy is. So I'll answer as many questions as I can today: 1. Free upgrades: - If you bought PrimalScript 2007 (any edition) on or after  November 1st 2008 you will get a free upgrade.   This free upgrade offer will expire March 31st 2009.  You will be able to exchange your registered license key  at after the release. - If you have upgrade assurance you will be able to   exchange your PrimalScript 2007 key for a PrimalScript  2009 key at…   More »