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We've added yet another way for you to keep tabs on us. We realize not everyone gets their information the same way so we want…
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If you use Twitter and like to script, especially in PowerShell, then I think you'll like this. A new site, has launched that allows you to tag your Twitter profile. The upshot is that this makes it easier to discover like-minded individuals. So let's say I want to find all the PowerShell tagged users, here's how I can do it directly from PowerShell with a simple script.
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Since I find myself spending so much time in a PowerShell console, I'm always trying to find ways to stay. I recently posted my version of a PowerShell script to send a message to Twitter. But that's only half the story. If I want to check for recent tweets I have to switch to Firefox and the use the Twitterfox addon. But since everything in Twitter comes via a web page or RSS feed, it is pretty simple to use the System.Net.Webclient class in a PowerShell script to get what I want. To that end I wrote a function called Get-Tweet to return recent tweets.
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I finally finished my version of a PowerShell Out-Twitter function. This allows me to send a quick tweet directly from the PowerShell console. The original and inspiring Out-Twitter can be found at My version will used cached credentials, check for tweet length and replace any URLs with Snurl'd URLs.
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Even though I'm an old dog, I can still learn new tricks. One of my new tricks is finally getting on the Twitter bandwagon. I've often wondered about the utility of this platform. I mean, who cares that I just ate a cheese sandwich. But after using it for awhile, I'm beginning to see some value if you consider Twitter as a micro-blogging platform.
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