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Displaying Help for a Script in an Executable File

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 by June Blender
This is the third blog in a multi-part series about designing a Windows PowerShell scripts that will be packaged in an executable file. Passing Parameters to a Script in an Executable File explains how to use the special parsing features of PowerShell Studio and PrimalScript to make passing parameters easy for PowerShell users and authors. Parsing Parameters for a Script in an Executable File explains how to parse parameters manually for special uses. Displaying Help for a Script in an Executable File explains how to display help for a script in an executable file. Output from a Script in an…   More »

New! “Check out this feature” Videos

Friday, November 20th, 2015 by June Blender
How many times have you found about a feature of a SAPIEN product, like PowerShell Studio, and realized that 1) you never knew it existed and 2) it would have saved you gobs of time had you only known about it. We're introducing a new series of videos on our SAPIEN Technologies YouTube channel to help you keep up with all of the features in SAPIEN programs, like PowerShell Studio, PrimalScript, VersionRecall, and PowerShell HelpWriter. Even when you know these programs well, there are so many features that you might have missed a new one, or even an old one,…   More »


Friday, November 7th, 2014 by Lanae Dale
                           Save big now! Originally priced at $59.99, get your copy of Microsoft Hyper-V or WSH and VBScript Core printed books for only $15.00 each, shipping included, while supplies last! Offer valid in the continental United States only. Microsoft Hyper-V A practical guide to implementing Hyper-V in your environment. Microsoft Hyper-V, focuses on giving you a practical guide to implementing Hyper-V in your environment; everything from installing your first Hyper-V server to building clustered environments for complex systems. This book includes instructions for managing Hyper-V using the built-in Hyper-V Manager or Systems Centre Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), as well as,…   More »

The Fourth Edition of Windows PowerShell: TFM Now Available on Amazon

Thursday, November 6th, 2014 by Lanae Dale
  As of November 5th, 2014, SAPIEN’s newest edition of Windows PowerShell: TFM is available for purchase on  Whether you are located in the United States or Internationally, the ability to purchase the book is now here!  The 4th Edition of Windows PowerShell: TFM contains 22 chapters in the learning guide, as well as 16 additional “in depth” sections relating to topics administrators may face in their everyday lives.  Please proceed to the following Amazon link to purchase the newest addition to your Windows PowerShell TFM: library: We are looking forward to hearing your reviews.  If you…   More »

Introducing the 4th Edition of Windows PowerShell TFM

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 by Lanae Dale
We are EXTREMELY pleased to announce the arrival of the 4th Edition of Windows PowerShell TFM; the latest, most up-to-date information available for the PowerShell version 4.0! Jason Helmick and Mike Robbins have taken the baton from Don Jones and Jeff Hicks, working vigorously to deliver useful, practical information in a resource that all levels of expertise can turn to. Whether you are in the beginning stages, or a seasoned veteran, we wanted to make sure you would be offered everything that you need. It is a learning guide, a lab guide, and a PowerShell reference all bundled up in…   More »

June Blender Joins SAPIEN

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 by Ferdinand Rios
For Immediate Release October 1, 2014 Contact: Ferdinand G. Rios, CEO, June Blender joins SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. [caption id="attachment_7723" align="alignleft" width="150"] June Blender: SAPIEN's New Technology Evangelist[/caption] Napa, California— October 1, 2014 — SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that June Blender is joining their staff as a Technology Evangelist effective today. June will be supporting the SAPIEN customer community with writing, blogging, training, outreach, forum participation, and technical support for Windows PowerShell and other development platforms, as well as SAPIEN products. "We see June as the technical liaison between the community and the SAPIEN development team," said…   More »

SAPIEN’s Full PowerShell Video Catalog Now on You Tube

Monday, December 23rd, 2013 by Ferdinand Rios
As of December 19, 2013, SAPIEN's full PowerShell video training catalog has been posted to SAPIEN's You Tube channel and is available for free viewing. This catalog consists of 39 chapters which cover PowerShell fundamentals, as well as intermediate and advanced topics. That is over 7 full hours of video training for FREE, all in beautiful 720p HD! Below is an example of one of the videos. These videos were developed and produced by Don Jones, PowerShell MVP and trainer. Although they were produced for PowerShell versions 1 and 2, their content is still valid and usable in more recent versions of…   More »

SAPIEN PowerShell Videos to be posted to YouTube

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 by Ferdinand Rios
SAPIEN's original PowerShell Training video set produced and taught by Don Jones, will be posted to YouTube starting this week. While these videos were originally created in 2008, there is still a great deal of valid and valuable information contained in this set. The video set consists of 4 DVDs: PowerShell Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced and What's New for V2. The original videos will be segmented into individual chapters for easier viewing. Each chapter is uploaded in its original 720p high-def format, so they look great on-line. We will upload about 5 videos per week over the next several weeks until…   More »

Onsite PowerShell Training Offered Worldwide

Thursday, August 1st, 2013 by Robert Morey
You heard it right! Yes, worldwide. SAPIEN's onsite PowerShell training classes have been offered for several years and have now been updated to include PowerShell v3 and as much as is known about v4. These are intense 4- and 5-day classes that will take you from novice to expert or, if your team already has experience, from knowledgeable to super expert. And we bring them to your door! Our PowerShell For Administrators course features lectures by the instructor, quizzes and tests, and lab work. With a hands-on approach, you will learn all about PowerShell including basics such as running commands…   More »

Sometimes, Summer School is a Good Thing

Monday, July 15th, 2013 by Robert Morey
Want to learn PowerShell? Let me rephrase that—you *need* to learn PowerShell—it’s not a question anymore. If you are a Microsoft software or network administrator of any sort, you need to know PowerShell and, if you haven’t started yet, we have the perfect suggestion for you. This summer, Concentrated Tech is offering two sessions of three classes each that “meet” online once per week  for three weeks. Taught by PowerShell expert and author Don Jones who, coincidentally, also wrote SAPIEN's PowerShell book and created some of SAPIEN’s training materials, each course will include presentations, Q&A, demonstrations, and even code reviews.…   More »