A few days ago I blogged about packet sniffer PowerShell script. Needless to say I was intrigued and spent some time dissecting to better understand it. Don't worry, no PowerShell scripts were harmed during this operation. This is a nifty piece of PowerShell coding. Of course I'm never one to leave well enough alone so I had to add a few touches which I hope the original author doesn't mind.
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Powershell: IP Packet Sniffer Script

I came across a wicked PowerShell script (Trends in Technology: Powershell: IP Packet Sniffer Script ) that is essentially a PowerShell packet sniffer. How cool is that! It certainly won't replace full blown sniffers like WireShark but I love having a PowerShell window open watching packets. Yea, I need to get out more.
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