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Simpler eBook Downloads

SAPIEN Technologies has streamlined it’s ebook download scheme for an easier user experience. Customers that purchase SAPIEN Press ebooks on only need to register their license keys on to instantly download their ebooks. Once registered, a download link…
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Where do I begin?

“I’m new to scripting and need a book recommendation.” “Should I learn VBScript or PowerShell?” “What are some good books or resources for learning scripting?” These are natural and common questions. A few years ago the answers would have been…
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Proofing the Proof

I just got the proof from the printer for Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM. It always exciting to hold a finished (or close to finished) book.  As soon as we check the proof and give the ok to…
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Technical Reviewers needed

PowerShell and VMWare guru Hal Rottenberg is hard at work on Managing VMWare with Windows PowerShell: TFM. We are now in need of a handful of committed technical reviewers.  Please make sure you can meet the software requirements listed below. …
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