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Server 2008 Revealed

I run a few Windows Server 2008 servers in VMWare for my test and demonstration environment. Honestly, I put them up very quickly not really knowing what I was doing, especially with Server Core. If I had the time, I…
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Another MVP in the SAPIEN family

I just found out that my friend, fellow Techmentor-or, Redmond columnist, SAPIEN author and all around good guy was made a Microsoft MVP in Terminal Services. Greg’s latest book is Windows Server 2008 What’s New/What’s Changed. You can read about…
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Securing Windows PowerShell

 Do you know how PowerShell can be used against you? Do you know the safest settings, and the ways to make scripting both possible AND secure? Do you know how your PowerShell profiles – even if you haven’t made one…
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Management Reporting in Windows PowerShell

Ever wonder how you can use PowerShell’s native abilities to produce great-looking management reports – in CSV files, Eccel spreadsheets, HTML pages, and even charts and graphs? Well, come on down to TechMentor San Francisco where I’ll be giving a session…
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