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Happy Veterans Day!

  Thank you for selflessly serving this great nation. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made. Thank you for our freedoms. We appreciate YOU!     SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. is proud to support our veterans and active duty military…
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New Forum Feature: Upvoting

We recently received a request to allow upvoting in our forums. We are happy to announce that the upvote feature is now available! To upvote a post, click the ‘Thumbs Up’ button in the row of post buttons in the…
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New Forum Feature: Marking the Best Answer

We recently received a request to allow users to mark the posts that best answer their questions in our support forums. You asked; we answered! We have added a new feature in our forums to do just that. To mark…
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How to submit a support request

With social media and every company having a presence in a number of places it sometimes feels like it won’t matter where you ask your questions. So it is only normal that we get phone calls, tweets, blog comments, smoke…
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The annual “How to get support” post

Somewhere around this time of year we have people tweet, bugle or snail mail us support questions. Sometimes we even hear faint drums from the hills. Twitter and bush drums are not monitored, the guy reading fog horn signals is…
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New Home Page

We are proud to unveil our new home page! Our new banner is designed to highlight featured products, upcoming events, classes, store specials and more. Beneath the banner are easy links to our products, your account, plus the latest news…
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How to get support from SAPIEN

Once a year we need to refresh this information, so forgive us if you heard this before. Our trial software is usually not crippled in any way, so just because your are evaluating it nothing should be switched off. So…
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