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Connecting PrimalSQL to MySQL 5.1

Many organizations use MySQL as the back end database to their web sites and other infrastructure operations. While MySQL offers its own set of GUI too for database management, using a generic database tool like PrimalSQL has several advantages, especially…
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PrimalSQL: Querying a major update

Last month we released a major service update for PrimalForms 2009. This month we will release a major service update for PrimalSQL 2009*. What querying goodness will this update include? We made some major improvements to way PrimalSQL queries databases,…
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Product Highlight – PrimalSQL and PrimalXML Example

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to use the features of PrimalSQL and PrimalXML to accomplish sample tasks. In this example, I will need to gather product information from a database and produce an XML file that will be…
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SQL Live

PrimalScript 2009 sports a modified version of the Query results window you know from the 2007 version. Instead of just being able to run SQL queries from a SQL file you can just type queries in the provided combo-box: The…
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PrimalScript 2009 and SQL

PrimalScript 2009 has expanded its support for SQL in several major ways. Primary among these are the addition of SQL PrimalSense and the ability to edit and save stored procedures directly within a database. Let’s take a quick look at…
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PrimalSQL 2009 ready for beta test

One more tool of SAPIEN’s 2009 software lineup will be available  for beta testing this week. PrimalSQL 2009 makes database query development and testing a snap. Regardless of your database type or vendor, PrimalSQL 2009 will connect to them all…
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Powershell vs T-SQL

If you’ve been debating the pros and cons of PowerShell vs T-SQL, or trying to decide why anyone would want to use PowerShelll to manage SQL server when it already has a great management language, take a look at …
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Database Scripts with PowerShell

 Did you know that PrimalScript 2007 Professional and Enterprise can produce database-connected Windows PowerShell scripts? At least, the new service build (566) for these products can! Just open your Database Browser (select it from View Browser Windows if it isn’t…
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